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Home Builder has filed a complaint to fight Water District alleging water provided by the district produces leaks throughout water pipes.

SANTA ANA: Two additional neighborhood developers have recorded grievances with Orange County Superior Court declaring the water furnished by two Southern County water districts is in fact corroding piping, which causes leaks which require hundreds of thousands of dollars of copper repiping repair and installations.

Shapell Industries filed their grievance Nov 2, claiming standard water provided through the Moulton Niguel Water District for Shapell households within several Laguna Niguel subdivisions; San Joaquin Hills along with Hillcrest were treated with chloramine, the disinfectant which Shapell believed is known to cause pinhole leaks in the pipes of homeowners throughout the area.

The claim states Shapell “will need to refurbish and swap out plumbing for nearly 400 residences” in those communities. The claim may not identify what percentage of family homes which actually have leaking. The developer is in search of greater than $7 million in damages, voicing product liability, negligence, private nuisance and infringement of warranty.

MNWD facilitates service to 50,000 households and corporations in Laguna Niguel, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Hills and areas of Mission Viejo and San Juan Capistrano.

“The only home owners protesting and complaining with reference to a lot of these galvanized pipe leaks are in houses developed by Shapell in these few places,” MNWD general manager Bob Gumerman said in his e-mail. “If the water is cause for blame, the problem would definitely be regularly occurring.”

Gumerman highlighted the district’s water hits or surpasses federal and state water-quality guidelines which is safe for bathing or other usages. He stated Shapell has not yet introduced data about how MNWD’s water has caused pinhole water leaks in people’s homes. Multiple messages to the lawyers representing Shapell weren’t returned.

Gumerman mentioned Moulton Niguel obtains its water from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, which imports it out of the Colorado River as well as the State Water Project, a system of storage facilities, reservoirs and lakes. Based on its blog, MWD may make use of chloramine, a mix of chlorine and ammonia, in the water treatment operation to control microorganisms in water.

MWD also delivers water to the Santa Margarita Water District, which services the remainder of Mission Viejo in addition to Rancho Santa Margarita, Coto de Caza, Ladera Ranch and the Talega neighborhood in San Clemente. MWD and SMWD were identified as as defendants within a complaint lodged Feb. 9 by Lennar Homes in regard to pin hole pipe leaks in aged pipes in the Verano community of Talega.

Lennar’s issue states water leaks in galvanized pipes in 59 Verano models “are a primary and/or additional consequence of harsh, overly aggressive and inappropriately treated water” delivered by the districts. Lennar would like the districts to be held answerable for the leaks and for any fees, damages or pay outs suffered by Lennar as a consequence of the pipe leaks.

Newmeyer & Dillion lawyer Carol Zaist, which may be representing Lennar, said the builder will not discuss unresolved legal matters.

Newmeyer & Dillion also handles home builder Standard Pacific, which lodged a claim sent to the district in March discovered 74 houses in Ladera Ranch and Talega where residents have reported pinhole leaks in piping and related property damage. The declaration was primarily turned down by SMWD representatives, yet still most recent scientific studies may overturn this original consideration.

SMWD spokeswoman Michele Miller reported the district need not adjust or modify the water which is available from MWD, additionally noting SMWD water satisfies or surpasses federal water quality rules. Concerning negative effects of drinking water treatments, “the district believes there isn’t data to indicate that the particular region’s water is bringing about a corrosive effect on galvanized water pipes.”

Marc Edwards is known as a Virginia Tech civil and ecological engineering professor as well as a nationwide well recognized specialist on pipe corrosion. A part of his work is to examine the cause of pipe deficiencies and how to prevent them. He stated that more than a few legal actions are appearing in California in which he can possibly expect to become hired as a possible expert witness.

“We’ve successfully done in all likelihood more than a million dollars of investigation throughout the last seven years,” Edwards explained. “Today we have confirmed that water chemistry and harsh water are major contributors of pinhole leaks.

“We know that other causes are often connected, such as unnecessary velocity in water pipes and sub standard installation methods, consequently just about every lawsuit would need seriously detailed forensic analysis in an attempt to diagnose the potential contributing factor and treatment,” he included.

Edwards said similar standards implemented to render drinking water safer could possibly be increasing pinhole pipe leaks. Even as disinfectants are needed, that much in most waters could possibly be corrosive. He explained preliminary research on chloramine indicates it on its own does not necessarily create pinhole leaks in water pipes, nevertheless “it is possible, even probable, that chloramine plus other elements within the water can be extremely corrosive.”

Although they could have good intentions, adjustments in order to meet specifications could be creating unintended repercussions, Edwards acknowledged.

“There’s certainly very much that we acknowledge,” he said. “We have completely proven that this type of water is often a cause; not the main cause, but an underlying reason. But there is quite a lot many of us still can’t predict.”

Think you have a Slab Leak?

Do you think there might be a slab leak within your house? Often signs or symptoms include observing or feeling soaked spots across the flooring. Certainly hot water spots. These can be found when walking in the home barefoot. An additional basic warning sign is usually that the water bill is substantially higher. This is caused by the fact that the pipes are leaking under pressure coming from an inward bound water pipe. As a result the water will leak all day and all night pretty much every single day. That increases your monthly water costs way up. Another warning sign that is rather frequent is that it will sound like the water is running despite the fact that all the faucets in your house are shut off.


The particular issue of slab leaks developed in the Southwestern US in the early ’80s. Back then house builders and contractors were creating homes on large concrete slabs. The home builders would pour a big concrete floor slab foundation and then lay in soft copper pipe even though the cement was still wet. The soft copper pipes would run the length and width of your concrete slab as needed to allow them to reach anywhere they wanted to get water within the house and in accordance with the layout. The water line normally would come out of the concrete floor in whichever room or space the blueprint said would need water. As an example, a water line might stick up from the foundation at every bathroom, the kitchen and near the washer hookup, to name a few.

The complication with the objective of burying soft copper piping into a cement framework was that the copper was not strong. Any kinking, folding, flexing, or nicking would weaken the water pipe and gradually develop a pin hole leak. The pipes were very often harmed during the installation or even in the cementing procedure. Building contractors were not able to go with hard copper given that it was banned within the building codes at the time.


The root cause of these kind of leaks is damaged soft copper tubing. The impaired pipes start off pin hole leaks and turn into bigger difficulties of slab leaks. What’s distinct concerning these slab leaks is that they are formed in the cement foundation. A foundation leak, by it’s own nature just isn’t a painless water leak to fix.

Repair service solutions

You will have three choices to service foundation water leaks. You are able to epoxy, jackhammer or repipe.

The jackhammer route is less very common. It’s really a hugely troublesome approach where a crew enters and removes the floor and then jackhammers into the concrete floor to find the water pipe. A piece of the water line at the leak is taken off and swapped with new pipe. This new patch of water pipe is soldered into position utilizing a plumbing professional who knows the right way to weld. Once the new patch of pipe is ready the water pressure is restored to ensure it does not leak. When it ultimately doesn’t leak, then the concrete floor is remade and the flooring is reassembled.

Epoxy lining

Epoxy liner is the process where the insides of the water lines are cleaned and then sprayed with epoxy. This seals up the hole and ceases the leaks. It has the additional benefit of possibly heading off any future leakages since the coating is applied to all of the pipes inside the slab structure. The leading problem with this method is that the coating itself becomes a drawback with time. Coming loose after frozen temperature or weight pressure may get into the water lines and can cause health fears in a case where ingested.

Copper and PEX Repiping

The most efficient option is labeled copper repiping. Repiping comes about when you simply just remake every one of the pipes in the house separate from the soft copper pipe that’s buried within the foundation. A completely new system of water lines is installed in the home within the walls and ceilings, that pretty much bypasses the existing slab pipes.


The danger of not doing anything concerning your foundation leak is that the house could be moist and moldy. You’ll be getting little water pressure and the water bills may be sky high. The risk is not making the repair in any way. The danger of the jackhammer is very major. Possible risk of the jackhammer method is not that this doesn’t work. The risk is basically you may need to get it done more than once. The truth is, in many cases any time you fix an individual leak by using this method another one appears within just a weeks time. The possible risk of the Epoxy lining technique may be the Epoxy itself can become a health risk. The ultimate approach is to do a repiping job. Not much risk is connected with copper or PEX repiping.

Cost estimations

The primarily recognized wisdom is you can anticipate to pay approximately $1,500 for every minor leak repair. Repiping delivers a permenant remedy to repairing and avoiding present and potential leaks for the life span of your household. You won’t ever have to get worried about it ever again.

What’s the average cost to Repipe a residential home?

Frequently a copper repipe job costs anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000. The costs are different primarily based on the exact water system plan of the house. A copper repipe is the technique by which all the pipes in your residence will be bypassed, upgrading all of them with new PEX or Copper piping. Though it may feel like a pricy procedure, a repipe guarantees you’ll no longer become vulnerable to pin-hole leaks, foundation leaks or potential future decline in your homes water pressure.

Gradually the rust and corrosion inside of your pipes will impact not only the plumbing, but your fixtures. Years of corrosion and decay were pressured through the pipes, constricting screens and most likely leading to damages to the internal workings. You can decide on additional upgrades like a tank-less water heater or enhanced water fixtures in the bathroom sink or shower area.

Repipe Specialists can do it all simultaneously, working on your water system problems as well. This is going to free you of worry for several years to come. The costs of a copper repipe are normally about half of what a local area plumber can charge.

When contemplating the price of a copper repiping, bear in mind that just two pinhole leaks in your residence’s water pipes most often costs more to maintain as opposed to what a full copper repiping might cost. By beginning the copper repipe process, you wipe out almost every other complications which you may encounter in the foreseeable future.

Upgrading to PEX Water Pipes

For the ultimate repipe choice for your own home or business, consider a PEX repiping strategy from Repipe Specialists.

How come PEX Repipe?
Many reasons exist for the key reason why a home-owner might want to modernize their home’s older plumbing pipes. One of the best typical reasons are old pipes that have started to leak, present pipes which are not regulation certified, and corroded pipes that could be impacting decreased water pressure, taste, odor and murky color.

What’s Repiping with PEX?
PEX piping is a very common very strong, very manageable piping trusted throughout the globe. It has several advantages over outdated galvanized piping.

The Advantage of a PEX Repipe
Buying PEX pipes for your own home has several advantages:

No pipe corrosion
PEX isn’t vulnerable to corrosion like metal pipe material. This means it can last year after year without any serious troubles.

PEX does not have the more common water hammer noise difficulties in connection with metal pipes. The material allows for water to proceed throughout the home quietly and effectively.

Extremely versatile
This type of pipe is much more bendable, making this a good solution with regard to exchanging pre-existing pipe material with brand-new PEX pipe material.

Far better hot water heat retaining material
The water lines far better insulate domestic hot water lines, resulting in significantly less temperature reduction when the water is within the pipe.

Outstanding warranty
The PEX piping is warrantied for quality, giving complete security.

The Repipe Specialists Benefit
With Repipe Specialists you can be certain of expert consultancy and craftsmanship for the pipe repairs and repipes. They are certified PEX piping specialists, having more than 20 years of Copper and PEX repiping experience. You can be certain of your degree of gratification, guaranteed services with a full, up front cost estimates. Simply by selecting Repipe Specialists you already know that the work is going to be done properly.

For all your PEX repiping questions, service requests and needs all through the Western States, call and speak with Repipe Specialists right away. Their telephone lines are open 24/7 to provide quick and pressing services for homeowners in need. Free on-site quotations straight to your house or business.